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The Rule to Remember

I am sure most of you have heard of the 80/20 rule in business, right? It really works in many ways online, so I thought I would outline some of the ways I have found the 80/20 rule to work for me:

80% Of Your Income Will Come From 20% Of Your Customers:

Tim Ferriss made this famous by putting it in his Four Hour Sleep Week book (great read BTW). I have found that this holds true for most businesses unless your business does not include repeat customers or residual income.

So the question remains, do you eliminate the 80% of your customers and that 20% of your income along with it? It is a big step, but one that I think will catapult your “biz” into the next level of success.

Think about that for a minute…. if you are wasting 80% of your time on customers that only bring in 20% of your income and you essentially fire those customers, you just freed up a heaping amount of time to bring in more of the customers that provide you 80% of your income!!

80% of Your Subscribers Will Come From 20% of Your Readers/Commenters:

That’s right, all those precious commenters you have on your site….. most of them are just going to be commenters. In fact, I may even go as far as to say only 10% of your commenters will subscribe or buy anything from you.

I completely agree that comments help create a community, but we are talking business here, not singing Kumbaya in a circle around a fire on the fricking beach!

So, stop paying so much attention to the commenters, stop worrying about them, start worrying about the lurkers hanging back that read your blog and never comment! Those will end up being your best customers, I promise you!

80% Of Your Interaction Will Come From 20% Of Your Followers:

This is for all of you looking for “social proof” by trying to get as many followers as possible on Twitter and as many “friends” as possible on Facebook.

Again, I would go further and say most of you only interact with 10% of those that follow you. So why have so many? I feel so much better starting this new Twitter account and trying to grow it organically and naturally this time instead of just mass following people and using tools to help find followers.

I use lists to segregate my Twitter timeline, it makes it easier to gather info and interact. Using HootSuite Pro I am able to have multiple columns open with my lists, mentions, and DM’s available for a quick glance, then I am off to doing something more productive even if teachers worry about social media devices and networking in their classrooms.

80% Of Your Traffic Will Come From 20% Of Your Posts:

Yep, most of the posts you write will get minimal traffic, then there will be a few of them that really get good traffic because they end up ranking well in the searches and they are on topics that are being searched a lot. Check out also this post about game design schools.

Let’s face it, the real traffic, the buyers, clickers, whatever it is you want your traffic to be doing on your site, will most likely come from search.

If you are like most bloggers or gamers (also the women), you probably have a few posts that really rock in the search traffic. Analyze that data, what can you do to duplicate it?

Can you write a follow-up? Can you expand on the topic? Has your opinion changed since you wrote the article? There are a million ways to capitalize on that article (or those articles).

80% Of The Information You Gather Online Accounts For Only 20% of Your Actual Knowledge:

This is a tough one for many, but it is really true. I used to be subscribed to hundreds of blogs in my Google Reader. I have that down to about 50 of the ones I really see value in now.

80% of the crap you read is just that, CRAP!
20% of the information you gather is actually useful.

Stop wasting so much time on blogs you know are only rehashing old ideas, re-writing old ProBlogger articles, and never putting out anything of real value!