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The moment N’kisi met with Jane Goodall

N'kisi is a male African Grey parrot, 14 years old, that lives in New York City, and the bird has an active vocabulary of more than a thousand words. N'kisi is not mimicking human speech, he is actually conversing with persons.

As far as I know is N'kisi one of maybe half a dozen parrots that were systematically trained to speak, listen, and communicate by their professional trainers or owners, and these parrots are all African Greys.

From the moment N'kisi was young, he was hand-raised by Aimee Morgana who is a parrot expert and an artist. She started working with N’kisi and gave him language training already when the parrot was not even one year old.

There is a movie (“When Animals Talk”) where you can admire N’kisi’s extensive vocabulary and be surprised by the bird’s relatively good communications skills.

Jane Goodall is a renown chimpanzee researcher, and when she met with N'kisi and Morgana at home, in preparation for her Animal Planet show, N’kisi greeted Jane with the words: "Got a chimp?"

Earlier, the trainer had explained N'kisi about Jane Goodall's work and experience with chimps and Morgana had also shown him a few photos. At another moment, after a pet lizard had died, N'kisi placed the comment: "Gotta put a battery, got a broken one there."

After Morgana had responded with the words "We cannot put a battery into him," the parrot answered: "Then you’ve got to put a candle." Morgana had previously talked to N’kisi about how significant it can be to place a lit candle in the window on this sort of occasions.

Jane Goodall's Animal Planet show “When Animals Talk” additionally contains impressive footage of telepathic communications research between N'kisi and his trainer and owner Aimee Morgana.

When Aimee was shown some photographs in one room, N'kisi sometimes could (in a sort of childlike manner) “describe” some of these photos while being in another room.

To give you an example, as Aimee Morgana was viewing a photograph of an individual having a phone conversation, N'kisi exclaimed "What'cha doing on the phone".

When Aimee was watching a photo of a man hugging a woman, N’kisi asked "Can I hug you?" These findings were extensively published in the well-known “Journal of Scientific Exploration”.

These ground-breaking research findings on parrot language development and cognition have demonstrated that parrots are in fact very intelligent creatures who are able to reason at the level of 3 to 5-year-old children.

On top of his surprising communication and language skills, does N'kisi hold an extraordinary reputation for having developed a surprising telepathic relation with his trainer/owner.

Aimee Morgana reports on the website “The N'kisi Project” that her parrot N'kisi has always been treated as a family member.

She explains that she has been teaching N’kiki intuitively, just like you would be teaching words to a child, while explaining words and things in their context.

This method requires many hours of teaching, explaining, and conversing as a daily routine, and under the caring explanations and teaching guidance of Aimee, N'kisi's vocabulary of phrases, words, and sentences was developing and expanding rapidly.

It is no surprise that N’kisi’s vocabulary may very well be the most extensive parrot vocabulary in the world.

If you want to learn more, you can read all about N'kisi’s accomplishments in an entertaining and enlightening new book by Mira Tweti' titled “Of Parrots and People”.