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How ideas are formed

When I started decorating cakes, I didn’t know that’s how I would eventually make my living.  I didn’t know I’d take it even further and go to college.

When I started a high school job helping someone to manage a children’s store, I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with the children’s market, and I didn’t know that would lead me to start painting gifts for children.

When I started this blog, I didn’t have a clear vision of what my purpose was for it.  I didn’t know that every post would lead me closer to that purpose.  And right now, that vision is still evolving, and I’m perfectly OK with allowing that to unfold publicly.

When you develop a new interest, or come up with an idea, the best thing to do is poke the box.  To start.  Now.  If you screw something up, and you will, keep poking – keep changing, keep reinventing.

I’ve noticed that many people don’t like to do this publicly.  They sit on their idea, until it sounds “just right.”  

If you’ve ever envisioned launching a new business, I bet your vision is pretty polished.  A good product, great marketing, and a professional website that truly captures your unique personality and style… and successfully sells the product for you.

And while that’s a great vision to have, that doesn’t happen over-night.

So, you have a choice…

You keep working on your idea, privately – and then launch the polished outcome. Or, you work on your idea publicly, gather feedback, make changes, and allow the world to watch as your idea evolves into something better.

There is no right or wrong choice.

But, whatever you do, just don’t ever get to a point where you say, “OK, I’m done.  It’s just right.”

Yeah, all that talk about having a polished, finished product.  A perfect vision. Forget that.  It’s boring.  It’s a death sentence.  Death to creativity and learning.