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How To Reduce iCloud Backup Size

When you work day and night on something and then make a good output out of that research then you want to keep it safe. Whether it is a song’s playlist on which you have spent a lot of time to dig out your favorite songs from the net or the contacts details that you gathered in a lifetime of meeting hundreds of people.

From your contacts, there might be some links whom you may never be able to meet again but they hold a very important place in your life, so you want to keep them safe to contact them off and on. Digital world came up with the perfect solution for this data holding issue. They proposed iCloud as the best option to cope with such situations.

With the growing street thefts, the main item victims loose are either their cell phones or cash. Therefore, with the cell phones, they lose their precious data. Sometimes there is no way to send your data in your devices unless you do it manually.

In addition, that is very irritating sometimes for the user if he/she got many data to transfers. Now the new devices are coming up with new technologies and much easier ways to handle and keep the backups of your data.


One solution is iCloud in iOS system devices and iOS has set an option of help or advice as well for those who hold any query or require any help. The iCloud provides the user with extra space of 5GB. The application takes the backups even if the devices are locked, charging or connected to a high speed internet WiFi.
Sometimes users hold a great amount of data on their devices that even 5 GB space is insufficient to hold all the data. However, iOS comes up with a solution to this problem. They say you can shrink your data now so it will take less space on iCloud for your convenience.

Reduce iCloud Backup Size:

Here are few simple steps to follow and you will be able to cut down your used space on the application.

Step 1: First, open the Settings application.

Step 2: Then click on the iCloud.

Step 3: Then scroll down to ”Storage & Backup” and click on it.

Step 4: In the “Storage” segment, you can view the total available space on the application iCloud.

Step 5: Now if you want to enlarge your space, click on “Manage Storage.”

Step 6: Now choose the device to work on. A new popup window will be shown on the screen that has the list of all the applications and data related to that device.

Step 7: You can easily manage to deny or accept for taking backup of any particular application. To halt iCloud Backup for a particular application and data linked to it, use the toggle switch. You can click on “Show All Apps” as well to display all the applications put in on your device.

When you are done with the above procedure and succeeded in turning off iCloud Backup, a red “Turn Off & Delete” button will come into view. If you click on this button, the application will be discarded from the device iCloud Backup but the device still holds the application.

These are the few simple steps that you can follow to keep your data safe and even save your space on the device to hold back more important data.