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Results of Girl Effect campaign

I'm a big fan of The Girl Effect. In 2002 Nike started the “if you let me play” advertising campaign that showed the advantages for young girls and women worldwide if they would engage in sports.

Warren Buffett’s NoVo Foundation and the Nike Foundation then started the campaign known as The Girl Effect. Actually, Buffett donated 1 billion dollars to the cause of ending violence against women.

The campaign is aimed to end poverty for young women through education and social and emotional learning. The campaign for “girl power” was highly respected and became even more valued at the Davos World Economic Forum, when Bill and Melinda Gates got involved.

The Girl Effect campaign by the Nike Foundation and the NoVo Foundation aims to end violence against girls and women and support young girls in poverty-stricken, underdeveloped portions of the world. It is also supporting those girls to get a better education so they will be able to contribute to their families and their communities.

The Girl Effect website demonstrates clearly that we can see positive changes. Areas like healthcare, education, and income are influenced significantly.

We can see that, if a mother gets a better education, her children will be healthier, and that girls will enjoy a 20 percent increase in wages for every year of secondary schooling. The website shows that when we all invest in girls, everyone will be a winner.

The Girl Effect campaign is actually a good example of what we know as ”cause marketing or purpose marketing”.

These campaigns are hugely important for companies to demonstrate their social attitude to improve the world. Furthermore, these campaigns are extremely important as to how customers, existing and prospective, are perceiving the companies.

After the Davos World Economic Forum, the Girl Effect campaign had one objective. This was to get the most influential people to discuss the position of girls. We saw that this really worked well and “The Girl Effect on Development” became a hot topic at the next summit in Davos.

Actually, this was the very first time that business tycoons, world leaders and the most powerful and richest people were discussing this topic and untapped resource.

The Girl Effect campaign also had another result. Many people were touched by the initiative by the Buffett foundation together with the Nike foundation. Many became strongly engaged, many became inspired to start their own initiatives and others became emotionally affected or made significant contributions.

The Girl Effect became a movement. Adolescent girls and young women have the indisputable potential to put an end to poverty for their communities and themselves.

Although the movement was in fact created and supported by the Nike Foundation, the NoVo Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, it is all about the ability and powerful effect of using your voice and talents.

It is about what your community can do to help young women help themselves and the world around them. Today there are more than 250 million young girls and women living in extreme poverty, and the Girl Effect movement aims to reduce that number by 50 million by 2030.