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Game Design School

The world of video games has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. The industry of game design education has as well. Once upon a time, a person would have to search high and low to find a school offering game design programs.

Now you can find a game design school in almost every major city in the USA. Before you decide on a college, read these tips to help find the game design school of your dreams.

Decide on a game design school focus

Each game design team uses programmers, artists, level designers, and content creators. Different schools across the USA focus on different parts of the game industry. The best plan of action is to research each game design school and see what programs they offer.

Some schools are art focused, with a game design program that leans towards the visual. Other schools are technological in nature, with the programs focusing on computer science. Decide what area of game design you’d like to focus and find a school that matches your interests.

Location, Location, Location

There are schools offering game design programs in each of the fifty US states. No matter where you are or want to be in the country, there is a game design school within your reach. Schools offering game design can be found outside the US, in countries like Canada and England.

The world loves games and these schools are a testament to the fact. Do the research and find the right area for your school, be it down the street or around the world. Just remember the associated costs for each school. Check also this post about college rankings.

If you move to Hawaii for a school, the cost of living will be much higher than going to school in Texas. Money is an issue that should be considered when figuring out what area you want to attend school. Another good development is that today, over half of the students that choose this direction, are women! Check out the best video games for women here.

Money Matters

Going to college isn’t cheap. Deciding on what to spend on a game design school should be figured out in advance. The tuition for each school varies from location to location. One game design school will charge $3,500 for a semester while another charges upwards of $10,000 per semester. The costs associated with each school should be researched as well.

Do you want to know why they charge so much? Are the techniques each game design school teaches innovative? Is the equipment cutting-edge or sub-par? Look up the faculty and see what experience and knowledge each one brings to the table. The cheapest choice isn’t always the best, but neither is the most expensive. Take all these factors into consideration when deciding on the budget you’d like to spend on your education.

Time is slipping away

Time should be another consideration for schooling a game design program. Every school offers a degree that can be finished in a certain amount of time.

Some schools will give you a Bachelor degree in two or three years, while others will give you one in four. How fast do you want to finish your degree? Speed doesn’t always equal a good education. Keep that in mind.