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The Day Finally Came: Graduation

So I got my final grades back and I’m keeping my 4.0. It was VERY close with a few classes, I am sitting at a 90 but who cares, an A is an A is an A. Thank God. I’m done. Graduate in 2 days and then it's out of here. Still don’t know my future of law school though. I’m getting very tired of waiting.

In site-related news, my bestest friend is getting a personal site again and I’m hosting it. I’ll post the link when she gives me the go ahead. Her and I are also working on a tutorials site which should be fun and interesting if we keep it going.

I’m so bored. I’ve been out of class/the final since 9 a.m. I went to breakfast with Amber afterwords and then came up here to my room and have done ZERO. Nothing…besides talk to Emily and watch General Hospital. It's kind of nice. And tomorrow all I have to do is clean/pack and throw shit away.

Exiting. I should be scared, but I’m not. I found out yesterday, I think that I do not have a summer job as of right now. The place I worked at last year isn’t busy so they aren’t hiring full-time summer help. Boo. That just rips my summer plans to shreds unless I can find one quick. It's nice that they let you know a couple days before graduation, huh?

I’m off to try to do something productive like maybe taking a course in Game Designing 🙂
(You know, women play video games, too).


Well, after messing around with trying to find “just the right” plugin to do what I need, I have decided to write my own CMS. Amelie just finished hers and I think that is what pushed me to decide to do it. I want to be able to manipulate my CMS to do EXACTLY what I want, and not just find a plugin that is adequate.

I know it is going to take a lot or work and will most likely take me through the summer to get it doing exactly what I need but that is okay because it is a learning process and I intend to take it seriously instead of just throwing it together. I am using The Build A Blog Tutorial as a guide, in a way, but I’m adding all sorts of new features and obviously upping the security. I’m not entirely sure if I’m ready for this, but sometimes you just have to jump in the water head first and make yourself swim. Let’s hope I don’t drown! We'll see... I know I'll have to work on my writing. To be honest, my cursive handwriting is probably the worst of my entire class. But I'll fix it!

In non-geeky news, I had the worst shower this morning! My husband tried calling me like 5 times and as soon as I would answer, it would end the call. I was getting severely upset so I got up and decided to get in the shower to get ready for class. I get in the shower and am in there for, oh about 3 minutes, when my phone rings again.

I had this strange feeling that it was going to let us talk this time. So I grabbed it, and of course, I heard his lovely voice. I keep standing there in the shower but mostly out of the water to avoid getting my phone wet and ruining it (*pets her $80 Razor*) and pretty soon the water gets cold. I quickly tell my husband I have to go because I have to hurry up or I’m going to get an ice cold shower instead. A cold shower is only necessary after you come inside from being out in 90-degree weather