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When I started decorating cakes, I didn’t know that’s how I would eventually make my living.  I didn’t know I’d take it even further and go to college.

When I started a high school job helping someone to manage a children’s store, I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with the children’s market, and I didn’t know that would lead me to start painting gifts for children.

When I started this blog, I didn’t have a clear vision of what my purpose was for it.  I didn’t know that every post would lead me closer to that purpose.  And right now, that vision is still evolving, and I’m perfectly OK with allowing that to unfold publicly.

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When you work day and night on something and then make a good output out of that research then you want to keep it safe. Whether it is a song’s playlist on which you have spent a lot of time to dig out your favorite songs from the net or the contacts details that you gathered in a lifetime of meeting hundreds of people.

From your contacts, there might be some links whom you may never be able to meet again but they hold a very important place in your life, so you want to keep them safe to contact them off and on. Digital world came up with the perfect solution for this data holding issue. They proposed iCloud as the best option to cope with such situations.

With the growing street thefts, the main item victims loose are either their cell phones or cash. Therefore, with the cell phones, they lose their precious data. Sometimes there is no way to send your data in your devices unless you do it manually.

In addition, that is very irritating sometimes for the user if he/she got many data to transfers. Now the new devices are coming up with new technologies and much easier ways to handle and keep the backups of your data.
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N'kisi is a male African Grey parrot, 14 years old, that lives in New York City, and the bird has an active vocabulary of more than a thousand words. N'kisi is not mimicking human speech, he is actually conversing with persons.

As far as I know is N'kisi one of maybe half a dozen parrots that were systematically trained to speak, listen, and communicate by their professional trainers or owners, and these parrots are all African Greys.

From the moment N'kisi was young, he was hand-raised by Aimee Morgana who is a parrot expert and an artist. She started working with N’kisi and gave him language training already when the parrot was not even one year old.

There is a movie (“When Animals Talk”) where you can admire N’kisi’s extensive vocabulary and be surprised by the bird’s relatively good communications skills. ...continue reading "The moment N’kisi met with Jane Goodall"

Lately, more and more schools have begun considering a ‘pay-for-performance’ method, where kids are rewarded for high test scores. Basically, if a student scores well on a test, then both that student and the teacher will receive some sort of cash reward.

Students in AP classes will receive more of an award because they are taking a harder class. Apparently, this has already created a 60% increase in the enrollment in some AP classes.

The idea is that by providing a direct incentive like money, kids will be more motivated to take tests more seriously and to push themselves to take a harder class.

As with the school uniforms debate, this is a controversial issue as well. Many believe that the money could be better used elsewhere: to reduce classroom sizes, to provide better learning materials, and so forth.

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