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The world of video games has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. The industry of game design education has as well. Once upon a time, a person would have to search high and low to find a school offering game design programs.

Now you can find a game design school in almost every major city in the USA. Before you decide on a college, read these tips to help find the game design school of your dreams.

Decide on a game design school focus

Each game design team uses programmers, artists, level designers, and content creators. Different schools across the USA focus on different parts of the game industry. The best plan of action is to research each game design school and see what programs they offer.

Some schools are art focused, with a game design program that leans towards the visual. Other schools are technological in nature, with the programs focusing on computer science. Decide what area of game design you’d like to focus and find a school that matches your interests.

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For quite a few years now, Microsoft and many other software producers have been moving toward a subscription-based model for selling software. Now analysts expect Microsoft to soon announce changes to its licensing policy to keep large corporate customers paying for Office and Windows, indefinitely.

Over the past decades, corporations have purchased Microsoft software under a three-year agreement, typically on a per-user basis. When the term expires, companies are free to continue using the software for as long as they wish without paying additional fees. This is known as a "perpetual license."

If Microsoft implements its new policy, some of its larger customers will either have to continue paying fees at the end of the initial three years or stop using the software. Or, better yet for Microsoft, upgrade to the latest version, which would seem more attractive than paying a fee for the older software.

While such a move has obvious revenue potential, it could also turn off some important customers, and you, students, should also be aware of upcoming changes.

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What do you call a $24.75 billion dollar industry that ignores half its audience? Foolish? Misguided? Clueless? Well, there's apparently going on so let's see what are the best video games for women!

Now as the industry apparently forgets half its audience, call it what you will, but many people call it the male video game industry. Despite the fact 42 percent of American gamers are female, video game markets continue to push their product solely to their male audience. Strange.

We could get into an enormous discussion on female gamers and the portrayal of women in video games. I don’t want to do that; better minds than I lead thoughtful, insightful discussions on those topics. What I want to focus on is the marketing of video games, and how an industry’s attitudes can hamstring itself.

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This is my first post about handwriting or cursive writing. I'll be publishing more about this fascinating topic over the next few months. Cursive writing, also referred to as handwriting, is best characterized by letters that are conjoined and flowing together in a cohesive manner for the expressed purpose of writing faster. Experts can write a word in just a single complex stroke, but such a skill requires time and practice.

Cursive Writing For Everyone

Students of all ages can learn cursive writing. However, kids age 7 or younger may need assistance from an adult. In general, 8-year-olds can complete cursive writing assignments after some assistance and general direction from a teacher is given. Kids age 9 or older can complete cursive writing assignments without assistance.  As with any new writing technique, it is important to monitor the progress of students and then make adjustments as necessary.

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What does it take to get 200 Brandeis University students to surrender their email addresses and other personal information to your company in a single day? A few years ago, it cost only the price of some mouse pads and T-shirts.

On that day two freshmen at the Waltham, Mass., University sat at a table covered with freebies, trying to entice fellow students to stop by. "Did you fill out this form, Becky?" one freshman, Alison Brown, 18, called to a dark-haired woman darting across campus. "Sign up, Rob!" cried the other freshman, Maggie Pawlawski, 20, to a guy in granny glasses, running to class. "I know you're late, but it will only take a sec!"

Some students ignored the women, but many others paused to write down their email addresses, majors, and other personal information.

By the end of the day, Brown and Pawlawski were ready to deliver the completed forms to KangarooNet, a maker of Web-based research applications and a client of T, a youth marketing firm in Brighton, Mass.

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Almost one-third of the nation's college students have turned to tobacco in the past year, says a report out today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

That finding and others are part of a JAMA issue devoted to tobacco issues and will be conveyed at this week's 11th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health in Chicago. Other studies have focused on college students' cigarette use, but researchers say this is the first to look into cigar use as well.

Researchers studied the results of the 2009 Harvard College Alcohol Survey, which focused not only on alcohol but on cigarette, cigar, smokeless tobacco and pipe use at 119 colleges.

Of the more than 14,000 students who responded:

  • 60% said they had tried a tobacco product at least once in their lives.
  • 42.7% said they had used tobacco within the past year.
  • 30.9% said they had used a tobacco product within the past month.

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Have you ever wondered what’s the return on attending an Ivy League school? I certainly have. I considered it when a few of my high school friends ended up at Harvard, and I ended up at a “top-tier” public university. Nowadays, I consider it often, because I have my own kids and think about where they might end up attending college and whether it’d really be worth the cost of a top-tier, private university.

A good friend of mine is a school administrator, and he wrote me the following: I’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes in order to fill various teacher and staff positions. Currently, I’m working as a contract recruiter for a large public school district so once again I am reviewing a large volume of resumes on a weekly basis to fill teacher and administrator positions. I see all sorts of resumes in a wide variety of formats and interview many candidates in the hopes of finding the best of the best for our schools.

As a result, here are some thoughts I’ve pondered regarding Ivy League or top-tier schools (ie. Stanford, considered the Harvard of the West coast) versus all the others.

1. An Ivy League school makes a resume stand out. I hate to admit it, but when I look at a bunch of resumes, they all start to look ordinary. However, the worst is when I see a resume that is horribly formatted. I reviewed one the other day that was 3 pages long written in paragraph format! Sorry, I digress. So, what makes a resume stand out?

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Website builder programs can be worthwhile if you’re looking for a simple way to create a website for your online business without going through the hassle or learning HTML, PHP, CSS, or similar kind of coding languages.

This article discusses the most important considerations to find the right web site builder for any internet website.

WYSIWYG is a popular acronym many webmasters might know. It stands for What You See Is What You Get. I guess you can make out the benefits from the name itself. WYSIWYG website builders have a definite advantage. Even if you are a total newbie and do not know what, even the basic HTML codes mean, this is the right software for you.

Simply put, you can customize the look and feel of the design without writing a single line of code. Any changes you make to the design, is automatically updated at the back end with the help of dynamic code generators.

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As I go through my day, a million things occur to me to do later on — maybe I want to remember to watch a certain TV show, maybe I need to get some schoolwork done, or maybe I have an appointment I need to remember. The biggest problem is that I always forget what I was going to do.

Most of the time, these reminders aren’t that important, but it does really suck when it’s something significant. Finally, I realized the best way for me to get my life together: sending text messages to myself. I’m on the computer often, and because I check my e-mail often, my reminders don’t go forgotten.

When something occurs to me to remind myself of, I quickly open my phone and send a text message of the reminder, such as, “test on Friday”. Then, when I’m home and at the computer, it pops up as an unread e-mail.

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I'm a big fan of The Girl Effect. In 2002 Nike started the “if you let me play” advertising campaign that showed the advantages for young girls and women worldwide if they would engage in sports.

Warren Buffett’s NoVo Foundation and the Nike Foundation then started the campaign known as The Girl Effect. Actually, Buffett donated 1 billion dollars to the cause of ending violence against women.

The campaign is aimed to end poverty for young women through education and social and emotional learning. The campaign for “girl power” was highly respected and became even more valued at the Davos World Economic Forum, when Bill and Melinda Gates got involved.

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