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Most students have enough willpower to turn off their electronic devices while they are in school, but others are not able to resist the temptation. For more than 15 years, teachers have had to confiscate cell phones, CD players and other portable gadgets, but social networking has made it into the classroom in other ways.

Even schools that have installed firewalls blocking students from accessing social networking websites sometimes find that their students have been able to find loopholes.

Some school districts in the US have gone so far as to ban their students from having profiles on social networking sites. Students can get around this by signing up with aliases, but the problem is getting worse. Teachers have managed to get themselves into hot water by linking their profiles to their students and sharing too much personal information with their schools.

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Coming up with the money that you need to go to college does not have to be difficult. In fact, you will be able to get the help that you need through different incentive programs designed just for minorities and women. This is part of a new education incentive which has been put in place based on the federal programs designed to bring more women into the workplace.

How the Program Works

While you will not get all of the money that you will need to go to college, you will be given a strong incentive to get started on this educational path. This will include incentives based on previous education and demand in certain work paths.

The more in demand the career is that you are trying to enter, the more money you will receive for your education. Make sure that you are talking with the financial aid advisors about the career that you want to have and the kinds of scholarships which are available to you through federal programs.

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There are six regional accreditation bodies in the U.S. which recognize and provide accreditation for higher education based on their regional location in the United States. Online universities, too, get themselves accredited with any one or more of these regional bodies.

Getting an accreditation, whether online or on-campus, however, is completely voluntary and there is no legal or any other obligation to acquire one.  For example, the University of People Project by the United Nations is not accredited by any of these regional accreditation bodies.

Many online universities have chosen not to get a regional accreditation from any of the regional accreditation bodies in the United States. Among others, the prime reason was to present itself as a global educational institute ready to challenge the status quo and offer affordable education to students around the world, including the countries with low-cost economies.

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So I got my final grades back and I’m keeping my 4.0. It was VERY close with a few classes, I am sitting at a 90 but who cares, an A is an A is an A. Thank God. I’m done. Graduate in 2 days and then it's out of here. Still don’t know my future of law school though. I’m getting very tired of waiting.

In site-related news, my bestest friend is getting a personal site again and I’m hosting it. I’ll post the link when she gives me the go ahead. Her and I are also working on a tutorials site which should be fun and interesting if we keep it going.

I’m so bored. I’ve been out of class/the final since 9 a.m. I went to breakfast with Amber afterwords and then came up here to my room and have done ZERO. Nothing…besides talk to Emily and watch General Hospital. It's kind of nice. And tomorrow all I have to do is clean/pack and throw shit away.

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This is my first post about handwriting or cursive writing. I'll be publishing more about this fascinating topic over the next few months. Cursive writing, also referred to as handwriting, is best characterized by letters that are conjoined and flowing together in a cohesive manner for the expressed purpose of writing faster. Experts can write a word in just a single complex stroke, but such a skill requires time and practice.

Cursive Writing For Everyone

Students of all ages can learn cursive writing. However, kids age 7 or younger may need assistance from an adult. In general, 8-year-olds can complete cursive writing assignments after some assistance and general direction from a teacher is given. Kids age 9 or older can complete cursive writing assignments without assistance.  As with any new writing technique, it is important to monitor the progress of students and then make adjustments as necessary.

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The world of video games has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. The industry of game design education has as well. Once upon a time, a person would have to search high and low to find a school offering game design programs. Now you can find a game design school in almost every major city in the USA. Before you decide on a college, read these tips to help find the game design school of your dreams.

Decide on a game design school focus

Each game design team uses programmers, artists, level designers, and content creators. Different schools across the USA focus on different parts of the game industry. The best plan of action is to research each game design school and see what programs they offer. Some schools are art focused, with a game design program that leans towards the visual. Other schools are technological in nature, with the programs focusing on computer science. Decide what area of game design you’d like to focus and find a school that matches your interests.

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For quite a few years now, Microsoft and many other software producers have been moving toward a subscription-based model for selling software. Now analysts expect Microsoft to soon announce changes to its licensing policy to keep large corporate customers paying for Office and Windows, indefinitely.

Over the past decades, corporations have purchased Microsoft software under a three-year agreement, typically on a per-user basis. When the term expires, companies are free to continue using the software for as long as they wish without paying additional fees. This is known as a "perpetual license."

If Microsoft implements its new policy, some of its larger customers will either have to continue paying fees at the end of the initial three years or stop using the software. Or, better yet for Microsoft, upgrade to the latest version, which would seem more attractive than paying a fee for the older software.

While such a move has obvious revenue potential, it could also turn off some important customers, and you, students, should also be aware of upcoming changes.

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What do you call a $24.75 billion dollar industry that ignores half its audience? Foolish? Misguided? Clueless? Well, there's apparently going on so let's see what are the best video games for women!

Now as the industry apparently forgets half its audience, call it what you will, but many people call it the male video game industry. Despite the fact 42 percent of American gamers are female, video game markets continue to push their product solely to their male audience. Strange.

We could get into an enormous discussion on female gamers and the portrayal of women in video games. I don’t want to do that; better minds than I lead thoughtful, insightful discussions on those topics. What I want to focus on is the marketing of video games, and how an industry’s attitudes can hamstring itself.

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College rankings are established to help future students when they're searching for their preferred college or university. Many colleges will be offering the opportunities and degrees that students want to pursue their dream careers, but they may be doing so in many different ways.

A good way for students who didn't complete high school but still want to get a college education is to take a few free sample GED tests at the website BestGEDClasses to check their knowledge level.

Lists that are ranking schools by specific criteria of interest, such as their academic excellence or the best online college, can be very helpful in the student's quest to find the college or university that best suits his or her needs. The focus on the ranking of colleges, however, may also mean that some pretty good colleges, or some schools that are particularly active in specific programs or majors or programs, may get overlooked, and that could be shameful!

College Ranking - Pros

Of course, they are not perfect, but the traditional college ranking systems are a good way to make a selection from the thousands of university programs and find a college option that is perfectly in tune with what a student needs or wants. Take a look at some good ways in which college rankings may be helpful:

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What does it take to get 200 Brandeis University students to surrender their email addresses and other personal information to your company in a single day? A few years ago, it cost only the price of some mouse pads and T-shirts.

On that day two freshmen at the Waltham, Mass., University sat at a table covered with freebies, trying to entice fellow students to stop by. "Did you fill out this form, Becky?" one freshman, Alison Brown, 18, called to a dark-haired woman darting across campus. "Sign up, Rob!" cried the other freshman, Maggie Pawlawski, 20, to a guy in granny glasses, running to class. "I know you're late, but it will only take a sec!"

Some students ignored the women, but many others paused to write down their email addresses, majors, and other personal information.

By the end of the day, Brown and Pawlawski were ready to deliver the completed forms to KangarooNet, a maker of Web-based research applications and a client of T, a youth marketing firm in Brighton, Mass.

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